Our mission:

Help you concentrate, relax, sleep and overall feel better.

About Moodwill

About Moodwill

Moodwill is a free web app made by a nature lover. It provides high quality sounds of the nature online without requiring any download. Moreover, you can listen to any music you'd love to hear on top of the nature sounds for a better experience.

Created by a young insomniac named Fath, Moodwill also known as Pluvioniverse, started as a project in 2011 and was originally under the name MyRainy Piano. As any insomniac knows, sleeplessness can affect your health in many ways: less concentration, memory issues, fatigue... and doctors suggestions aren't always that perfect, that's why this young insomniac decided to create a simple but effective solution to the problem.

Why Moodwill?

Moodwill is the best and only web app where you can listen and feel the power of nature with music for free and without any ads or distracting content.

Our passionate team

We are nature lovers, and sharing nature sounds is our passion.

Moodwill team

Abderrahmane Fath

A true potterhead and a huge nature and classical music lover. I love sharing good vibes with others and making someone's day through good music.